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The History of Tram

A tram-train is one of the eco-friendly types of transport. Nowadays it’s becoming less popular in comparison with the underground or personal autos. The word “tram” is originated from the Old Germanic word meaning “trolley” or “sledge”. Watching the history of this kind of transport we can watch the whole history of technical progress.

The first trains had no engines. Being drawn by horses they had a number of advantages, such as low-cost and the ability to carry passengers in any weather. The newly-shaped steel wheels maintained a smooth ride. The fixed routes successfully regulated the flow of the passengers.

The first engine-empowered tram was developed in Europe. Empowered by steam this train had a far more opportunities to run through the narrow streets and transport a larger amount of passengers. However the open moving parts of its engine and especially the rotating wheels appeared to be dangerous for the passengers. After some examinations these parts were covered, but not only roe the safety reasons. The noise level measurements showed that the sound of working steam engine could be disturbing for the people who lived in the blocks of flats standing close to the tram-train rails.

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Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga can be a whole system that prepares your body for giving birth. Using specially chosen plans you will open a source of pleasure and strength which will help you improve your muscles and joints compliance. It will definitely build up your spine and remove pain from your back.

The most important techniques you will have to master are as follows:

  • learn how to breathe according to yoga methods and you will never face any difficulties controlling your breath during the training.

  • Help your body manage the double strain during the period of your pregnancy. This you will enable your baby to be born healthy and calm along with you staying beautiful and pretty by preventing weight gain and other pregnancy troubles.

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