New Evolution Simulator

Amoeba: the Struggle of Species is a new simulator of the artificial life evolution.

Have you ever dreamt of controlling the process of a whole virtual world development. Now you may use the properties of your computer to create the new amoeba species and maintain their evolution. Also you may breed new species of the strongest amoebae and take part in the online tournaments.

If you decide to install the new game, a new population of the virtual creatures will appear in your computer (don’t worry, they are not trojans). The main aim of these virtual beings is to struggle the other amoebae and multiplicative themselves. Every single organism is unique. Its artificial intellect on the level of its instincts is encoded in the virtual DNA molecule. Launch the process of evolution to let your pets develop their abilities.

The digital organisms function in the same way as the natural ones do. Here the evolution is a real thing different from tamagotchi. Among all the varieties of the living forms only the strongest will survive as it happens in the reality. The artificial organisms will gradually develop and adjust themselves to the conditions of their environment imitating the natural processes.

You will obscure how your weak and helpful amoebae turn into real fighters and play with them. Once they will become worthy opponents. To make the process more fast and effective you may interfere to their life monitoring and correcting it. But their artificial existence may run without any assistance.

The algorithms of the amoebae behavior are unpredictable and not programmed beforehand. The codes controlling them appear as the result of the crossing-over and selection and fixate themselves being the most successful. During the process of evolution their behavior can be traced to change from the chaotic to the purposeful one. You may fight with your pets to select the most perspective ones. After some time their artificial intelligence may challenge the natural one. You may try to grow it by yourself from the beginning or buy a DNA of a successful specie and continue its development. You may also influence the evolutionary process by adding new amoebae to the population. But they are capable of maintaining their development on their own.

If you think that you amoebae are ready for a tournament upload the bred creature on the web page to compete with other players’ pets. It’s not necessary to waste much time or to limit anything to reach high scores. Your amoebae will fight by themselves. To watch the videos with the fights of the experienced amoebae enter the directory. You also have the possibility to discuss the results and interchange your opinion with other players in the game forum.’

This game is quite simple to understand and your child no matter is he a junior schoolboy or a sophomore will enjoy it for sure. Since the beta-version has been launched it gathered many fans among the people of all ages.

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