Top 5 Devices That Make IT Geek’s Life Easier

The world of modern computers consists not only of laptops and tablets. Alongside with regular gadgets, there are tons of nice and useful things that can ease the life of any computer geek who spends a lot of time in front of the screen. Using these devices can liberate an advanced user from a lot of obnoxious manipulations. Let’s review some of them.

1. If you own Apple IPad and enjoy listening to music while working, you’d definitely love Bone Horn Stand – a portable amplifier that boosts the sound dramatically and costs as little as $25! Its gimmicky design resembles a fancy old school gramophone and besides it doesn’t affect your battery life.

2. Speaking about software, e-reading apps are to be mentioned. If you use Android devices to read the books you should check eReader Prestigio. It offers lots of customizable settings and easy navigation, and also a library of 230 000 books. And don’t forget its nice “bookshelf” design!

3. You can say someone is a real computer geek when he or she owns lots of various gadgets and uses them all the time. Unfortunately, battery life of these devices is limited and of course, they start pleading for re-charging when least expected. It’s a good idea to grab an accumulator that can serve several types of gadgets, such as Energizer MPS-EN-XP18000.B. It can re-charge 3 items at a time and has a built-in mini-solar panel that can literally save your life when you don’t have an access to the electricity.

4. You’ve probably heard a myth about geeks’ being sociopathic. People believe that they only play online games and challenge various computer programs all the time. Well, it’s true, they love playing games, but they are also very communicative guys. In the limelight of this fact, ROCCAT Power-Grid app is exactly what the doctor ordered! You are supposed to install it on your smartphone, synchronize it with your PC via Wi-Fi and play your games while the software captures all the messages from your FB page, Skype and other messengers. Thus, you don’t have to stop your game in order to answer the message, and you can also drop the lines to your friends while playing.

5. A real IT geek has no weekends or vacation. Meanwhile, working on your computer during a hot summer day can turn into a real challenge. Feel free to use a tiny USB fan to cool down. Most of them are fairly cheap and besides, the risk of catching a cold from such fans is times smaller than that of huge air conditioners.

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