Creating Your Personal Website

There are two main questions concerning the topic of creating a website – “why?” and “how?”. The reason for creating your personal site is that it will help in carrier promotion, in sharing your hobby and interests with the others and in gaining new experience as having made one site you will better understand the principles of work with the Internet in the whole. If this answer for the first question is sufficient for you then let’s discuss the procedure itself.

Perhaps, the easiest way to start with your own website is to use This site provides you with the set of patterns which allow you to make news blocks, blog columns, forum and photo galleries. Besides, there is a great variety of themes, fonts and opportunities to place the modes.

An important detail which can add some popularity to your site is choosing an unusual logotype which appears in the safer. The site will give you interesting ideas concerning this item.

Before operating with the Internet resources write down on the sheets of paper the titles of sections and subsections and lay them out according to the hierarchy – the main sections of the front page should be above. Do not overload the site, it is better if there are no more than five main blogs devoted to you, your company and the contacts.

The research of 2009 has revealed that the users expect the sites to open within 2 seconds. To make your site work faster use images of no more than 50 Kb and replace photo galleries with slide shows.

Do not overload your site with unnecessary information as people do not like to read long texts with abstract passages. Use short and clear sentences and divide the text into small paragraphs. Use no more than three different fonts. According to the opinion of web-designers, Arial and Verdana are the best options as they are the most suitable to read from the monitor.

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