Transport in Africa

If you fancy visiting Africa you probably should know the peculiarities of the local transport. All of the railways were built quite long ago in the times when Africa was a colony. They were aimed to provide the way to export the minerals and precious goods out of the depth of the continent to Europe. Nowadays many railways remain the functioning ones and carry the large amount of passengers each year. But be aware that the African trains are very slow and move with the significant time intervals. The railway routes are duplicated by the highways and don’t form an even and smooth network. But in some cases the rail transport is the most effective way to reach the destination. In Sudan the train trip from Vadi-Halfa to Hartum takes less than two days while the same route will be covered in more than nine days if you would go by car. The average cast of the ticket is 2 USD but there are cheaper ones. The price depends upon the comfort level. The tickets for the trains that cross the borders of the states are more expensive.

The buses in Africa are not actually the buses but the crowded trailers with no windows and shouting check takers. The fact that this transport is extremely cheap makes it the most popular one among the local population.

The water transport is not a highly developed infrastructure in Africa. Traveling by water may appear to be more effective in Kongo aтd Zaire where there are not many highways but a lot of rivers. There are also the sea ferry routes that connect the continent with the islands. But one should take into consideration that all the tickets to the water transport in Africa are the most expensive ones. The high prices don’t always guarantee the safe and good service however.

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