How to Avoid Excessive Exercise

It is useful for any healthy person to go in for sports but the excessive strain may be dangerous. That’s why mind the following tips.

  • The healthy spirit is the basis for the healthy body. Try not to dwell on the negative emotions during the physical exercise. That may seem to be impossible in the rhythm of the modern life. But one can easily retain the good mood if he will control the state of his immune system. The sloth and lack of wish to work out may be a signal that your body tries to waste as little energy as possible to support the immune system functioning.

  • Don’t persuade yourself to work out when you feel exhausted. The coaches share the point of view that the physical strain won’t do any good if the sportsman doesn’t feel satisfied after fulfilling the exercise. If you don’t feel like stretching or lifting the heavy apparatus that means your body is trying to send you a signal you have chosen the wrong activity.
  • The secret of beauty revealed by Sophie Loren was surprisingly simple. She allowed herself to have as much rest as she wanted. She was born in the poor Italian family and had to fulfill the hard work since her childhood. When her things got better she gave up the habit to get up with the dawn and let herself to lie in bed for an hour before she started her day. The excessive exercise can easily turn into the addiction such as alcohol or dieting. Work out only when you are in a good mood and want to provide some strain for your muscles.
  • The main aim of any amateur fitness program is to look healthy and maintain the wellness. Choose the amount of the exercise according to your age, health and experience. The physical strain can’t make the time go backwards and reverse the process of aging. Overexercising often results in protruding veins and exhausted look.

  • Organize your exercise according to your individual biorhythm. If you are an early riser there is no point in attending the fitness center at 9 p. m. And if you feel wretched in the mornings don’t make yourself jog before 10 a. m. The negative emotions and the inappropriate time of the day for exercising will prevent your brain from producing endorphin that will make the physical strain useful for your body.
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