Say “Aloha!” to Adventures

Tanned girls make smooth moves with their hands and hips, performing the traditional dance hula. Handsome guys with wreathes of flowers on their necks pass by and greet you with ‘Aloha!”. The sun tenderly caresses your skin, the smell of exotic plants can be felt everywhere around you – all this you can find on the Hawaiian Islands which present a real “oceanic empire” consisting of 130 islands and atolls.

However, among 130 islands of this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean eight are of a particular interest for tourists. Oahu Island, for instance, will impress you with its rich underwater world. The best place to observe marine creatures in their natural habitat s Hanauma Bay and feed sea turtles. There you can also visit Sea Life Park and watch the performance of dolphins and swim with these mariner artists as well which is one of the most pleasant kinds of therapy.

If you view a perfect vacation as constant sun bathing you should have a look at Waikiki beach in Honolulu, which is the capital of Hawaii, by the way. Besides, you will have an excellent chance to learn more about the traditions of Polynesian culture and the life of natives.

“The Big Island” – it is another name of Hawaii, the largest island in the archipelago, is famous for its volcanoes which rise for thousands kilometers above the sea level. Some of them are still active. On the Punaluu beach you can lie on black sand which presents the result of volcanic activity.

The most ancient of the Hawaiian Islands is Kauai, which appeared on the surface about six million years ago. His second name is “The Island of Gardens” and if you visit this place you will guess why it was given to it at once. It was this island which was found by James Cook in 1778. Here a real natural wonder – the largest canyon on the Pacific territory, Waimea, – is waiting for you. Beautiful sceneries of this island became background for lots of blockbusters and fairy-tales, such “Jurassic Park” and “Lilo and Stitch”.

On the Maui Island you can travel along a twisted serpentine to the city of Hana. The northern part of Maui is the place of gathering the best surfers in the world. Waterfalls, tropical forests and green valleys will surround you on this island. One of the most famous waterfalls is Wailua. The legend says that in ancient times the Hawaiian leaders jumped from the top of this waterfall to prove their virility. However, if you take the risk of just standing on Wailua you will prove that you are virile enough. Do not miss the chance to watch sunset on the Pacific Ocean from the top of Haleacala volcano – you will be impressed by a firework of all possible shades of red.

The friendliest island due to the opinion of the Hawaiians themselves is Molokai. From Kiowea Beach Park an excellent view on the ocean and the royal coconut wood Kapuaiwa opens. Thousands of slim palms, like guardians, protect the fiftieth state of the USA – Hawaiian Islands.

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