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How to Become Slim, Powerful And Endurant Quicky

All the most popular searching demands during the recent few years can be characterized by the the three words “how to” and “quickly”. There can be all the possible variants of activities named between them. To gain weigh, to lose weigh, to become a master of martial arts, to win a sports contest, you name it.

But sometimes the people can really come across the methods that really work and give the first results in a ridiculously short period of time. In 1996 Isami Tabata, PhD of Nagoya University of Physical Fitness and Sports and a group of his colleagues carried out the research of the aerobic and anaerobic exercises influencing the human body and developed the interesting multipurpose method of physical training that really works and gives almost instant results. It combines two aspects of a physical strain, power and and cardio workout. This method has soon been picked up by the professional athletes and amateur sportsmen. Isami Tabata gave it the plain name “interval method of physical training by Tabato”. It is also called “the interval Tabato protocol” by the professional coaches.

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The Most Dangerous Kinds of Sports

  • Rugby. Rugby players have the highest chances to be hospitalized during the play. When the rugby match participants are healthy and full of energy and hazard the push each other will all their power. The muscle traumas, joint stretching and bone breaks are a common thing on a rugby field. According to the statistics an average rugby player gets minor traumas twice or three times during one match. The severe traumas get around 25 % of players during every game.
  • Golf. This kind of sport may seem calm and harmless at the first sight, though it is likely to make the surgeons work extra hours. Every year more than 900 people are killed in the golf field. During the thunderstorm the game is not to be stopped. The iron mashies attract the electric discharges. Another danger of golf is the possibility of being hit by a heavy ball occasionally.
  • Cheerleading hides the awful reality behind the spectacular performance. Only in USA cheerleaders get more than 25 000 severe traumas and more than 40 000 minor traumas each year. The warm-up before the practice lasts more than half an hour for the muscles to bear the enormous strain.

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Cell Phone Usage Danger

As Leif Selford, an acknowledged neurosurgeon from Sweden states, the volunteer subjection of a person’s brain to the cell phone radiation is the greatest biological experiment of all times.

The first cell phones appeared more than 25 years ago in Sweden. And the process of conquering the world begun. Each year there appeared more and more happy owners of these convenient devices. And at the present time the most par of the population can’t live without a handy. A cell phone is a portable helper that provides the opportunity of communication, getting the necessary information as quickly as possible and organizing the plans. But on the other hand a cell phone cam hide the potential danger to the human body.

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London Olympic games.

The 2012 Summer Olympic games take place in London nowadays . The games started on July, 27 and will last until August, 12. It is well known that the Olympic games took place in London for the third time.

The opening ceremony was quite scandalous. An Indian student Madhura Nagendra went along with the Indian team. “… the mystery woman had brazenly gatecrashed the party, raising security concerns and adding to the anger over India’s blink-and-miss appearance on global TV screens”. The main problem in the case concerned security issues. How did she manage to walk with the athletes being unnoticed? Fortunately everything was okay. She simply wanted to support the Indian team.

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Car stereotypes.

People tend to think and accept things stereotypically. It may concern absolutely everything. We tend to stereotype cultures, nations, traditions, customs, genders and many other things. Cars are not excluded. So let’s see what usually people think of these car brands.

Thus BMW is intended for reputable and successful businessmen who are definitely want to show off. But at the same time they want to underline they are businessmen who want to be look rich and successful and of course want to impress you. They think they are the best and they own the best car. And surely BMW is for spoiled kids of wealthy parents. Of course BMW is a status symbol.

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4 Unusual Functions of Cell Phones

What unusual functions will appear in our cell phones in the nearest time? Many of the cell phones and smartphones production companies lead the research of the innovations that soon will be included to all the popular models of the devices.

  • The projecting camera. The rumors that there exist some cell phones that are able to beam the image or video were widespread long before. But nowadays there really exist a number of portable devices with tiny shadow graphs built in. The mass production of these devices is planned to be launched the nearest few years as soon as the question of their size and power5 consumption will be solved. The Intel corporation has developed the testing model of a cell phone with built-in mini projector to broadcast videos and even the TV programs on every appropriate surface. The analysts claim that this function will become a customary one along with the built-in cameras.

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Weird Kinds of Public Transport

Every morning we use subway, bus or car or just walk by foot to get to the place of our work. This process has long ago turned into daily routine. In some countries, however, the trip by public transport is a constant adventure due to the weirdness of the vehicles people have to use there. They suffer no traffic jams or overcrowded carriages of subway trains but instead they try not to fall down from the camel’s back, for example. So, think twice before claiming that the trip in subway during the rush hour is impossible to stand.

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