Weird Kinds of Public Transport

Every morning we use subway, bus or car or just walk by foot to get to the place of our work. This process has long ago turned into daily routine. In some countries, however, the trip by public transport is a constant adventure due to the weirdness of the vehicles people have to use there. They suffer no traffic jams or overcrowded carriages of subway trains but instead they try not to fall down from the camel’s back, for example. So, think twice before claiming that the trip in subway during the rush hour is impossible to stand.

For instance, in the northern parts of the world, such as Norway and Alaska, Dog Sleds are still popular. Due to the fact that the roads in some places are snowbound, the only way to get from destination A to B is to use the canine power. This kind of transportation is good also for riding through national parks, where motorized vehicles are illegal. So, the dogs sleds will carry you through Denali National Park in Alaska or Saltfjellet –Svartisen national park in Norway.

Bus seems to be quite common type of public transport, however, in Bolivia it appears to be pretty dangerous to travel by bus. Bolivian drivers are not afraid to travel by unpaved roads among steep rocks and terrific abysses. No pavements, no road signs – just you and your hope to survive this devil’s trip. On some routes you can observe the remains of crashed buses which were not lucky enough. Speaking of buses, I have to mention chicken buses of Guatemala, Panama and other countries of Latin America. If you think that your daily travel by subway is a nightmare, try to travel by this overcrowded bus where your neighbors will be people, chickens or goats.

In Jordan, the country of sand and deserts it is impossible to cross some places without using camel transportation. If you feel comfortable on the height of camel’s hunch you can undertake a camel safari which is a pretty challenging adventure.

A unique invention of Cambodia is its bamboo train which runs between Battambang and Phnom Penh. It is made of a bamboo planks with a wooden frame as its basis. Though this structure does not sound very reliable it still can carry people and cargo. However, this train does not travel legally, so it is possible that you will have to stop your ride and give way to a real puffing train.

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