4 Unusual Functions of Cell Phones

What unusual functions will appear in our cell phones in the nearest time? Many of the cell phones and smartphones production companies lead the research of the innovations that soon will be included to all the popular models of the devices.

  • The projecting camera. The rumors that there exist some cell phones that are able to beam the image or video were widespread long before. But nowadays there really exist a number of portable devices with tiny shadow graphs built in. The mass production of these devices is planned to be launched the nearest few years as soon as the question of their size and power5 consumption will be solved. The Intel corporation has developed the testing model of a cell phone with built-in mini projector to broadcast videos and even the TV programs on every appropriate surface. The analysts claim that this function will become a customary one along with the built-in cameras.

  • The personal secretary. The research carried out by Jobi George and other specialists of Emeriging Software Department shows that your cell phone will soon be capable of planning and arranging your meetings. The modern cell phones already have a large number of capacities that ease our routine, such as GPS-system with traffic jam navigation. This function will provide the cell phone the possibility to determine that its owner is 10 minutes late for his meeting due to a traffic jam and call those who wait for him without his participation.
  • To see as the insects do is possible as states Michael Bove from the Massachusetts University. When you watch a football match from the pulpit you are not able to move closer and when you watch it via television you see it from the point the camera is broadcasting it. The innovation called “magic eye” connects the smartphone with the television to help you to see the event from any point. Holding your cell phone in front of the TV-set you rotate and adjust it position to see the match as you are in the center of the football field. In that way you will have he opportunity to choose the broadcast area that you find the most interesting one.

  • The scientists from the Washington University developed the technology that lets the owners of a smartphone to use it as an ultrasonograph. The possibility to investigate any organ in a human body immediately will become a great step forward. At the moment the question of the prices of these devices is being discussed.
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