Car stereotypes.

People tend to think and accept things stereotypically. It may concern absolutely everything. We tend to stereotype cultures, nations, traditions, customs, genders and many other things. Cars are not excluded. So let’s see what usually people think of these car brands.

Thus BMW is intended for reputable and successful businessmen who are definitely want to show off. But at the same time they want to underline they are businessmen who want to be look rich and successful and of course want to impress you. They think they are the best and they own the best car. And surely BMW is for spoiled kids of wealthy parents. Of course BMW is a status symbol.

It seems like people are too judgmental about Toyota. It is believed that owners of Toyotas are boring guys who understand nothing about cars and just simply rely on brand. The same concerns Lexus. But this time owners want to show everyone they have expensive luxury car.

Subarus are owned by practical liberals who are sporty and proactive. Exactly that’s why they have bike racks on the top of their cars. Moreover people who own Subarus are concerned with safety and are ready to pay only for it. They like spend time outdoors.

Jaguars. Well, this car is for wealthy guys who are ready to pay for classical design and at the same time prefer sportiness to anything else. And of course others think that Jaguar was designed exceptionally for snobs and hedonists. Beautiful car for beautiful people. It is difficult to disapprove it.

Who buys Volvo? Well, these people pay much attention to design and safety. They can’t afford Mercedes and that’s why prefer Volvo.

Americans are proud of their Fords. Boring and loyal people who are patriots of their country and the brand. Never pay attention to the imports.

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