Cell Phone Usage Danger

As Leif Selford, an acknowledged neurosurgeon from Sweden states, the volunteer subjection of a person’s brain to the cell phone radiation is the greatest biological experiment of all times.

The first cell phones appeared more than 25 years ago in Sweden. And the process of conquering the world begun. Each year there appeared more and more happy owners of these convenient devices. And at the present time the most par of the population can’t live without a handy. A cell phone is a portable helper that provides the opportunity of communication, getting the necessary information as quickly as possible and organizing the plans. But on the other hand a cell phone cam hide the potential danger to the human body.

The vast number of the studies show that due to the usage of cell phones the risk of developing brain and ear tumors, asthma and blood diseases.

The Scottish scientists William Stewart carried out the series of experiments with the dew worms. The results appeared to be astonishing. The protein structure of the worms has been altered due to the influence of cell phone radiation. “The natural tissues are just being fried as a piece of meat in the microwave oven”, says William Stewart.

In the year 2003 the Swedish scientists claimed that the cell phone radiation causes the irreversible changing in the brain of a rat. A lab rat was subjected to the 2-hour exposure of radiation. 50 days later the group of scientists have examined the brain of that rat. They found the numerous dean neurons and damaged blood vessels. The more intense the radiation exposure was the more severe damage the brain had. The conclusion made by the scientists is a rather pessimistic one. The present-day young people who uses the cell phones quite often is likely to develop the Alzheimer syndrome or Parkinson disease before turning 40 years old.

The statistic data show that 15 % of active cell phone users don’t feel any discomfort, approximately 70 % of them develop the protective reactions which prevent the brain from serious damage but the rest re the people who are extremely sensitive to the influence of cell phone radio waves. Even after a short talk they begin feeling sleepy and dizzy, complain about blood pressure leap and headaches.

The rapid growth of the cell phone market puts us in a position when we can’t refuse from using these devices. The publication of test results or scientific research won’t stop us and prevent from buying a handy. But there are some simple use to follow that will help you to reduce the negative effects of cell phone usage and retain health.

  • Don’t talk on the cell phone for more than three minutes and make the 15-minute breaks between talks.
  • Use the hands-free when possible.
  • Don’t carry your mobile phone hanging on your neck or in the pocket. The negative impact will be reduces if there is some layers of cloth between the cell phone and your skin. The best way is to carry this device in a bag.
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