The Most Dangerous Kinds of Sports

  • Rugby. Rugby players have the highest chances to be hospitalized during the play. When the rugby match participants are healthy and full of energy and hazard the push each other will all their power. The muscle traumas, joint stretching and bone breaks are a common thing on a rugby field. According to the statistics an average rugby player gets minor traumas twice or three times during one match. The severe traumas get around 25 % of players during every game.
  • Golf. This kind of sport may seem calm and harmless at the first sight, though it is likely to make the surgeons work extra hours. Every year more than 900 people are killed in the golf field. During the thunderstorm the game is not to be stopped. The iron mashies attract the electric discharges. Another danger of golf is the possibility of being hit by a heavy ball occasionally.
  • Cheerleading hides the awful reality behind the spectacular performance. Only in USA cheerleaders get more than 25 000 severe traumas and more than 40 000 minor traumas each year. The warm-up before the practice lasts more than half an hour for the muscles to bear the enormous strain.

  • Motor racing. Bone breaks and injuries are not the worst thing in this dangerous kind of sport. The real danger is constituted by the incredible g-forces that a human body have to resist. Gradually the organs of a racer lose their initial structure which may lead to death. The eyesight is also affected badly. Detachment of the retina is the most common disease of motor racers which is caused by eye displacement during breaking.

  • Horse riding is the cause of 40 000 traumas each year. When a rider remains firmly sitting on a saddle everything is OK, but as soon as he loses control God knows what may happen next. Apart from severe injuries caused by falling from the horse back the riders have problems with wrist joints.

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