“Dead Space” – the Beauty of Horror

Can you remember the last time you have played really qualitative game of survival horror genre, which tempted you to return to it over and over again? The real world does not exist any more – there is only a horrible nightmare on the other (thankfully!) side of the screen. And, what is most strange, you do not want this nightmare to come to an end. Welcome to “Dead Space”, guys!

The story begins when a maintenance ship arrives on a huge mining station in space. The main hero, Isaac Clarke soon understands that something is wrong in this place and gradually he realizes how huge this “something” is. The plot sounds too banal, but do not worry – the developers of the game – EA redwood Shores, definitely knew what to do. Sometimes it is only your curiosity which helps you to fight your fear and enter the next room.

Darkness, scuffed corridors stained with blood from floor to ceiling, mysterious signatures on the walls and roaring of monsters produce very depressing impression. Script-writers do not allow you to get bored – they “entertain” you with short videos which cast light on what has happened on this damned ship – you see a girl laughing hysterically and then shooting herself dead, a guard who helplessly holds in his hand his own cut leg or some half-eaten by monsters guy who smashes his head against an iron pipe. All this stuff makes you really scared – mainly because you do not understand what has happened.

And, of course, there is a great variety of monsters to strengthen the effect of horror. There are zombies, disgusting newborns with terrible tentacles, and inextricable monsters from which you can only hide behind a saving door. Smooth animation, properly placed special effects and the attention to the details make the game so vivid that you experience uncontrolled desire to switch it off and hide under your bed.

The impression from the graphics is strengthened by qualitative sound. The soundtrack was created by a famous composer James Graves. The melodies intervene with sounds of the game and produce ideal harmony of horror. Description is useless – you should hear it yourself.

The rhyme of the game is not very fast – you have to think carefully over your every step, otherwise it may become the last one. “Dead Space” is more than a thriller game – it is a challenge not everybody has the nerve to accept. And what about you – will you dare?..


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