Psychosomatic Causes Of Headaches

Grimacing Woman Suffering a Painful Headache.

Over 70% of the adult population suffer from periodical headaches while about 7% of adults suffer from chronic excruciating headaches. You will probably be surprised to find out that less than 10% of the population suffers from headaches which are the symptoms of some organic illnesses and disorders. Severe persistent headache may be the symptom of many disorders of both physical and psychic nature. At the same time, headache is one of the most frequently occurring forms of the so-called psychosomatic disorder.

Basically, headaches may accompany the following distressing situations:
-In most cases, the acute fit of headache is your body’s reaction to some psychological trauma or intense conflict. It is possible most people can remember the sharp headache they used to experience after some quarrel or emotional stress.
-The flashy headaches may substitute the feeling of being offended or fit of anger. Moreover, such headaches may be just the reaction to the overstrains, inner or outer overexertion connected with proving of self-significance.
-Finally, the recurring headaches are the frequently diagnosed symptom of depression, either latent or manifested one.
The main problem is that mixed with some other related complains, the real symptoms of depression can be mistaken for the somatic illnesses. This type of depression is called masked or latent one . The depression of exhaustion is the best example that illustrates the psychosomatic nature of headaches. Basically, such depression development includes three stages. At the first stage, depressed people feel the persistent fatigue and irritation. During the second stage, the patients have complaints about some psychosomatic disorders, mainly persistent headaches. And only at the third stage, purely somatic disorders typical for depression become explicit. Such headaches often appear in patients in their 40s.
Which psychological implicit meaning do the headaches have? The point is people whose work is connected with mental activities experience headaches more often. In that case, one may suppose headache to be a specific way to reduce the emotional tension and persistent stress:
That’s how the suppressed emotions find their way out in such an alternated form.
There is a set of individual features that may also be typical for those who suffer from chronic headaches. These features often reinforce the negative impact of the environment. Such people are often perfectionists, altruists, emotionally unstable people who need other people’s approval badly. As a result, these people cope with the persistent stress during their entire lives.
Psychosomatic headaches can’t be treated with the help of the analgesics. However, complex treatment including both medication and psychological help should bring positive results:
The effective solution to reduce the intensity of psychosomatic headaches is to become less sensitive. If you release yourself from the need of being approved by the others, you would start respecting, understanding and developing yourself.


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