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Car stereotypes.

People tend to think and accept things stereotypically. It may concern absolutely everything. We tend to stereotype cultures, nations, traditions, customs, genders and many other things. Cars are not excluded. So let’s see what usually people think of these car brands.

Thus BMW is intended for reputable and successful businessmen who are definitely want to show off. But at the same time they want to underline they are businessmen who want to be look rich and successful and of course want to impress you. They think they are the best and they own the best car. And surely BMW is for spoiled kids of wealthy parents. Of course BMW is a status symbol.

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Weird Kinds of Public Transport

Every morning we use subway, bus or car or just walk by foot to get to the place of our work. This process has long ago turned into daily routine. In some countries, however, the trip by public transport is a constant adventure due to the weirdness of the vehicles people have to use there. They suffer no traffic jams or overcrowded carriages of subway trains but instead they try not to fall down from the camel’s back, for example. So, think twice before claiming that the trip in subway during the rush hour is impossible to stand.

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Transport in Africa

If you fancy visiting Africa you probably should know the peculiarities of the local transport. All of the railways were built quite long ago in the times when Africa was a colony. They were aimed to provide the way to export the minerals and precious goods out of the depth of the continent to Europe. Nowadays many railways remain the functioning ones and carry the large amount of passengers each year. But be aware that the African trains are very slow and move with the significant time intervals. The railway routes are duplicated by the highways and don’t form an even and smooth network. But in some cases the rail transport is the most effective way to reach the destination. In Sudan the train trip from Vadi-Halfa to Hartum takes less than two days while the same route will be covered in more than nine days if you would go by car. The average cast of the ticket is 2 USD but there are cheaper ones. The price depends upon the comfort level. The tickets for the trains that cross the borders of the states are more expensive.

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The History of Tram

A tram-train is one of the eco-friendly types of transport. Nowadays it’s becoming less popular in comparison with the underground or personal autos. The word “tram” is originated from the Old Germanic word meaning “trolley” or “sledge”. Watching the history of this kind of transport we can watch the whole history of technical progress.

The first trains had no engines. Being drawn by horses they had a number of advantages, such as low-cost and the ability to carry passengers in any weather. The newly-shaped steel wheels maintained a smooth ride. The fixed routes successfully regulated the flow of the passengers.

The first engine-empowered tram was developed in Europe. Empowered by steam this train had a far more opportunities to run through the narrow streets and transport a larger amount of passengers. However the open moving parts of its engine and especially the rotating wheels appeared to be dangerous for the passengers. After some examinations these parts were covered, but not only roe the safety reasons. The noise level measurements showed that the sound of working steam engine could be disturbing for the people who lived in the blocks of flats standing close to the tram-train rails.

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