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Cell Phone Usage Danger

As Leif Selford, an acknowledged neurosurgeon from Sweden states, the volunteer subjection of a person’s brain to the cell phone radiation is the greatest biological experiment of all times.

The first cell phones appeared more than 25 years ago in Sweden. And the process of conquering the world begun. Each year there appeared more and more happy owners of these convenient devices. And at the present time the most par of the population can’t live without a handy. A cell phone is a portable helper that provides the opportunity of communication, getting the necessary information as quickly as possible and organizing the plans. But on the other hand a cell phone cam hide the potential danger to the human body.

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4 Unusual Functions of Cell Phones

What unusual functions will appear in our cell phones in the nearest time? Many of the cell phones and smartphones production companies lead the research of the innovations that soon will be included to all the popular models of the devices.

  • The projecting camera. The rumors that there exist some cell phones that are able to beam the image or video were widespread long before. But nowadays there really exist a number of portable devices with tiny shadow graphs built in. The mass production of these devices is planned to be launched the nearest few years as soon as the question of their size and power5 consumption will be solved. The Intel corporation has developed the testing model of a cell phone with built-in mini projector to broadcast videos and even the TV programs on every appropriate surface. The analysts claim that this function will become a customary one along with the built-in cameras.

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Creating Your Personal Website

There are two main questions concerning the topic of creating a website – “why?” and “how?”. The reason for creating your personal site is that it will help in carrier promotion, in sharing your hobby and interests with the others and in gaining new experience as having made one site you will better understand the principles of work with the Internet in the whole. If this answer for the first question is sufficient for you then let’s discuss the procedure itself.

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Top 5 Devices That Make IT Geek’s Life Easier

The world of modern computers consists not only of laptops and tablets. Alongside with regular gadgets, there are tons of nice and useful things that can ease the life of any computer geek who spends a lot of time in front of the screen. Using these devices can liberate an advanced user from a lot of obnoxious manipulations. Let’s review some of them.

1. If you own Apple IPad and enjoy listening to music while working, you’d definitely love Bone Horn Stand – a portable amplifier that boosts the sound dramatically and costs as little as $25! Its gimmicky design resembles a fancy old school gramophone and besides it doesn’t affect your battery life.

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New Evolution Simulator

Amoeba: the Struggle of Species is a new simulator of the artificial life evolution.

Have you ever dreamt of controlling the process of a whole virtual world development. Now you may use the properties of your computer to create the new amoeba species and maintain their evolution. Also you may breed new species of the strongest amoebae and take part in the online tournaments.

If you decide to install the new game, a new population of the virtual creatures will appear in your computer (don’t worry, they are not trojans). The main aim of these virtual beings is to struggle the other amoebae and multiplicative themselves. Every single organism is unique. Its artificial intellect on the level of its instincts is encoded in the virtual DNA molecule. Launch the process of evolution to let your pets develop their abilities.

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