Car stereotypes.

People tend to think and accept things stereotypically. It may concern absolutely everything. We tend to stereotype cultures, nations, traditions, customs, genders and many other things. Cars are not excluded. So let’s see what usually people think of these car brands.

Thus BMW is intended for reputable and successful businessmen who are definitely want to show off. But at the same time they want to underline they are businessmen who want to be look rich and successful and of course want to impress you. They think they are the best and they own the best car. And surely BMW is for spoiled kids of wealthy parents. Of course BMW is a status symbol.

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4 Unusual Functions of Cell Phones

What unusual functions will appear in our cell phones in the nearest time? Many of the cell phones and smartphones production companies lead the research of the innovations that soon will be included to all the popular models of the devices.

  • The projecting camera. The rumors that there exist some cell phones that are able to beam the image or video were widespread long before. But nowadays there really exist a number of portable devices with tiny shadow graphs built in. The mass production of these devices is planned to be launched the nearest few years as soon as the question of their size and power5 consumption will be solved. The Intel corporation has developed the testing model of a cell phone with built-in mini projector to broadcast videos and even the TV programs on every appropriate surface. The analysts claim that this function will become a customary one along with the built-in cameras.

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Weird Kinds of Public Transport

Every morning we use subway, bus or car or just walk by foot to get to the place of our work. This process has long ago turned into daily routine. In some countries, however, the trip by public transport is a constant adventure due to the weirdness of the vehicles people have to use there. They suffer no traffic jams or overcrowded carriages of subway trains but instead they try not to fall down from the camel’s back, for example. So, think twice before claiming that the trip in subway during the rush hour is impossible to stand.

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Getting to the gym.

It seems like you really want to go in for sports. But there is a problem. You have no time. Well, you should realize that nobody has time. But people manage somehow. So it is not an excuse for you. So if you really want to be in good shape then you should pay much attention to time management.

First of all you should realize what for you really need it. I mean many things are trendy. Well, it doesn’t work in the case. So think what would you get jogging or going to the gym? Are you really ready to it? And actually do you really need it? If you don’t then just do not waste your time and money. But at the same time you should understand what you can get going in for sports.

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Say “Aloha!” to Adventures

Tanned girls make smooth moves with their hands and hips, performing the traditional dance hula. Handsome guys with wreathes of flowers on their necks pass by and greet you with ‘Aloha!”. The sun tenderly caresses your skin, the smell of exotic plants can be felt everywhere around you – all this you can find on the Hawaiian Islands which present a real “oceanic empire” consisting of 130 islands and atolls.

However, among 130 islands of this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean eight are of a particular interest for tourists. Oahu Island, for instance, will impress you with its rich underwater world. The best place to observe marine creatures in their natural habitat s Hanauma Bay and feed sea turtles. There you can also visit Sea Life Park and watch the performance of dolphins and swim with these mariner artists as well which is one of the most pleasant kinds of therapy.

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How to Avoid Excessive Exercise

It is useful for any healthy person to go in for sports but the excessive strain may be dangerous. That’s why mind the following tips.

  • The healthy spirit is the basis for the healthy body. Try not to dwell on the negative emotions during the physical exercise. That may seem to be impossible in the rhythm of the modern life. But one can easily retain the good mood if he will control the state of his immune system. The sloth and lack of wish to work out may be a signal that your body tries to waste as little energy as possible to support the immune system functioning.

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Transport in Africa

If you fancy visiting Africa you probably should know the peculiarities of the local transport. All of the railways were built quite long ago in the times when Africa was a colony. They were aimed to provide the way to export the minerals and precious goods out of the depth of the continent to Europe. Nowadays many railways remain the functioning ones and carry the large amount of passengers each year. But be aware that the African trains are very slow and move with the significant time intervals. The railway routes are duplicated by the highways and don’t form an even and smooth network. But in some cases the rail transport is the most effective way to reach the destination. In Sudan the train trip from Vadi-Halfa to Hartum takes less than two days while the same route will be covered in more than nine days if you would go by car. The average cast of the ticket is 2 USD but there are cheaper ones. The price depends upon the comfort level. The tickets for the trains that cross the borders of the states are more expensive.

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